Organic Wine

At Booze Brothers we pride ourselves in providing limited release, boutique and local wines. As well as keeping up to date with on-trend products. Such as; organic wines, biodynamic wines, preservative-free wines and natural wines.

Wine used to be a simpler choice of alcohol, although this is no longer the case. Customers are now more savvy when choosing what they will consume. Particularly when it comes to organic, biodynamic, preservative-free, or natural wines. So, what do these terms mean?

Organic wine is made from grapes that have been grown without the use of artificial chemicals such as; pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. Grape growers use methods that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable during the farming process of the grapes. An example is the use of natural compost and minerals to enrich the soil in the vineyards. Furthermore, a true organic wine will be certified by a recognised certifying body. This shows that it has complied to the organic farming standards.

Biodynamic farming uses strict organic methods that apply to the growing of grapes. As well as utilises a holistic approach to farming. This approach relies on the lunar calendar, astrology and special preparations of the soil. Along with limited external inputs in the vineyard. Additionally, Biodynamic farming aims to produce a vineyard that works as a self-sustaining ecosystem. Including animal, insect, microbiological and plant-life as integral parts of the overall vineyard ecosystem.

Preservative free wine is wine that has not had any added preservative. Although, most wines will contain natural sulphites as grapes release these during the fermenting process. Additionally, conventionally farmed wines and organically/biodynamically farmed wines can all use added sulphites. Winemakers, not grape growers, make this decision. So, just because a wine is organic does not necessarily mean it is preservative free.

The same methods are not always used when processing natural wines. Most commonly, there is minimal intervention in the wine-making process of ‘natural wines’. When farming the grapes, organic, biodynamic or conventional methods can be used. It is the process of turning these grapes into wine that is considered ‘natural’. The natural wine making process includes; use of indigenous rather than cultivated yeasts, no additions of acid or sugar. As well as low to no additions of sulphites and often no fining or filtration.

Booze Brothers stock a range of biodynamic wines, natural wines, preservative free wines, organic wines and conventional wines. View some of our Organic Wine range online.