Lambrook Wines

Lambrook Wines Tasting

13/12/2019 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Booze Brothers The Unley
27 Unley Road, Parkside SA 5063

Lambrook Wines Tasting

Join us at The Unley Booze Brothers bottle shop to try products from the Lambrook Wines range.


4-7pm on Friday 13th December 2019

About Lambrook Wines

Lambrook began in 2008 with two small parcels of fruit (Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc) and a half-crazy idea of making it into our own label wine. It was something we’d always wanted to do—we dreamed of people ordering our wines in restaurants. So, when we were offered these parcels of spectacular quality fruit, we thought… let’s just go for it!

We were both working in the industry and knew our way around a bottle of wine. We were very excited and wanted to be involved in every part of the process—it had to be our wine. And we also wanted everything to be done in the Adelaide Hills—it was what we knew and felt passionate about.

Still, knowing and doing are two different things. Fortunately, we’d built fantastic relationships with a lot of knowledgeable Adelaide Hills’ experts who were very enthusiastic on our behalf.

So we set about turning the fruit into wine and we were hands on, from the winemaking to bottling to the labelling (which we did ourselves in our kitchen). It was fun and stressful and hilarious and annoying and brilliant, and in the end we had 700 bottles of beautiful Lambrook Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc (which lived on a pallet in our spare bedroom for a while). We’d gone into the process wanting to make quality wines that over-delivered on price. So the next task was to see if people thought it was worth buying. We started with family and friends (of course) who pretty much loved it and began ordering it, which was exciting.

Word spread and we began taking more orders. We also approached a number of boutique retailers and saw heaps of restauranteurs. It was just us; meeting people, taking orders, answering emails, delivering—everything to do with Lambrook, we did (and still do).

So, over the course of the next few years, we sourced more grapes, added varieties (from personally chosen parcels across the Adelaide Hills) and made more quality wine. The half-crazy idea of Lambrook became full-time lifestyle/career for both of us in 2015.

Featured Wines:

2019 Sauvignon Blanc
We harvest our Sauvignon Blanc in the cool of the night when the fruit is cool and fresh. (It looks a bit like the aliens have landed with the lights of the harvester shining down the hillside). It makes for a crisp, vibrant wine that is deliciously drinkable.

2018 Pinot Gris
Lambrook’s first release Pinot Gris. This wine is light to pale in colour with a hint of green hue. Displaying aromas of pear and white peach, the finely textured palate is well balanced, leaving a clean and crisp finish.

2019 ‘Spark’ Sparkling Pinot Noir
Spark is hand-picked then whole-bunch cold pressed for up to 48 hours. It is a stunning salmon pink colour that parties on the palate.

Lambrook Winery Location

Nairne Road,
Woodside SA 5244

Bottle Shop Opening Hours

  • Mon-Thur 10am-10pm
  • Fri and Sat 10am-11pm
  • Sunday 10am-8pm

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