Sarah Hopkins reviews the Piste Merlot

Sarah Hopkins reviews the Piste Merlot

Join Sarah in this review of the Bowhouse’s Piste Merlot, so named because of the extremely steep slopes of grapes growing in Picadilly, in the Adelaide Hills, in South Australia. Read more

Next Crop wines review by Sarah Hopkins

Join Sarah in this talk about 2 great reds from the Next Crop Wines. Nebiolo Barbera has a gorgeous nose of Turkish delight and dark cherries and a chocolatey cherry on the palate and goes great with pizza, pasta and other Italian dishes. The second one is the Malbec, a medium to full-bodied wine made famous in Argentina, but grown locally here in SA. It’s a perfect match to steaks!
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Pinot Gris and Grenache from The Other Wine Co.

This time, Andy brings us two highlights from The Other Wine Co. great wines, featuring the right fruit from the right region, beautifully crafted. The Pinot Gris, very textural, full of nectarine fruit and citrus flavour, brilliant with a plate of fresh prawns.

His favourite though is the Grenache, hand-picked from 45 old vines, full of fruit, nice and spicy, fresh raspberries, hint of sage.. just delicious. Goes great with Peking Duck, smoked chicken or any other gamey meat. Have you tried this one? Would agree with the food pairing choices? Have your say.